Discover & Deepen Your Spiritual Gifts

Understand Your Unique Gifts & How They Align With Your Soul’s Path Through A Special Activation

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Special Activation

Are you aware of your Spiritual Gifts?

Sometimes referred to as the “clairs,” there are a number of extra-sensory pathways of perception…

You can develop and deepen these pathways to access other realms for healing, wisdom, and guidance.

You likely have one or two clairs, or forms of intuition, that are natural to you..

In fact, these gifts may be so integral to who you are and how you sense the world, you might not even recognize them as “gifts”!

A few of the most common forms of perception are — clairsentience (feeling), clairvoyance (seeing), claircognizance (knowing), and clairaudient (hearing), clairalience (smelling), and clairgustance (tasting).

There are other Spiritual Gifts too, such as:

  • Bilocation, being at two places at once
  • Levitation, rising into the air
  • Psychometry, where you can touch an object and tell its history
  • Telepathy, the ability to communicate without words
  • Divination, accessing knowledge through tools
  • Telekinesis, moving objects without touching them
  • And, Automatic Writing, produce written words without consciously writing

Not to mention the really big gifts… like seeing into someone’s soul and being able to guide them — as well as the gift of healing.

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During this powerful mini-workshop, I’ll be guiding you in a Special Activation to help you open channels to the gifts that are most aligned with your path — and your innate abilities.