6 Minutes to Raise Your Spiritual Vibration
With Deborah King 

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Receive a simple, yet powerful guided practice to raise your spiritual vibration — and generate a feeling of calmness to empty your mind of any tension or negative thoughts.

You are pure energy. Your personal vibration is an energetic signature unique to you and by putting your attention on this amplifies your natural energetic, vibratory state.

Events happening around you, or within you, can cause you to “feel” out of balance, or cause you to move into frequencies that are out of integrity with your highest healing vibration

You can tune into your highest healing frequency anytime you feel anxious, or ungrounded, or confused, or otherwise in a state of unease.

This 10-minute guided practice will help you raise your vibration and return to your highest authentic vibration — as you recalibrate your entire being to your signature healing frequency.

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Lucid dreaming helps you find answers to all that you’re seeking..

Like meditation, lucid dreaming is a way to cultivate expanded consciousness and connect you with an unlimited field of guidance and information.

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