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Ramah Retreat Center, Ojai, California
Thursday, September 1- Sunday, September 4, 2022

Connect, Get Inspired, Be Uplifted, and Let Your Light Shine
in a
Powerful Spiritual Vortex, Surrounded by Seekers of Truth and Light

As the world begins to introduce itself to a post-pandemic world, the Deborah King Center is incredibly excited to present its first in-person retreat post-pandemic. We are gathering with community in the spiritual vortex of Ojai, California and want to see you there!

Take Advantage of a Powerful Spiritual 4-Day Celebration

Gathering Transformative Knowledge, Connecting with Community, and Uncovering Your Most Powerful, Transcendent Self in the Potent Spiritual Vortex of Ojai, California

As we slowly return back to something resembling normal life, it is we who need to be the driving force in this reawakening, so that we may come out the other side of a tragic few years and enter a new – better – world.

Ojai CA

It’s time to put all you’ve learned thus far into practice by spreading your healing wings so others can experience the remarkable benefits of energy healing with you as their personal guide and spiritual teacher. There is an ever-growing need for talented and gifted individuals like you to step up and become leaders and beacons of light to guide those who seek their own truth and purpose. Only one important question remains… Are you ready to step into greatness?

Our events bring together people from all around the world: people seeking a higher truth, people seeking to improve their lives in all aspects – in order to provide and receive joy in their personal relationships, grow in their careers, and max emotional and physical health.

Throughout the workshop, you will be able to learn, soak up the energy, and connect with like-minded friends in a sprawling, beautiful, outdoor space. Enjoy the olympic-size pool on premises, the pristine valley, walk the forest, have a wonderful time outdoors with your friends…

All while learning, healing, and coming away with powerful, life-changing knowledge and an experience to remember.

2022 September Retreat

During this experiential event, you will:

  • Gather transformative knowledge
  • Connect with community
  • Enjoy live music with The Deborah King Band!
  • Discover a super fun and easy system of mind/body types that provides a peek into your own psyche as well as that of others by simply looking at the human body
  • Master an ancient exercise that clears your karmic debt
  • Practice shamanic techniques to eliminate blocks that are holding you back
  • Manifest your light in the world through the practice of focused intention
  • Enjoy swimming in the olympic size pool!
  • Establish inner silence through meditation as a foundation for peace and bliss, and experience a powerful guided meditation that will allow you to enter a transcendent state
  • Uncover your most powerful, transcendent self in the potent spiritual vortex of Ojai

Why Ojai?

Ojai is a sacred valley.

More than 13,000 years ago, the ancient Chumash Indians settled the valley that is now called Ojai. They sensed that the valley held mystical powers and exuded a peaceful sacredness.

2022 September Retreat

Today, we realize the reason: Ojai is a vortex—a place of concentrated and magnified spiritual energy. And this will be the powerful setting for this life-changing retreat.

Join the Deborah King Center at the exquisitely beautiful private retreat location to take advantage of special spiritual time in a powerful vortex of energy…

You’ll also experience the following benefits during this Retreat:

2022 September Retreat
  • Initiation to higher spiritual levels
  • Learn Deborah’s most advanced and esoteric techniques
  • Intimate, meditative setting to refine and master advanced healing techniques
  • Apply what you’ve learned to assist you in making positive and profound changes in your life and in the lives of others

Important workshop times:

Arrive Thursday after 2:00pm. Meals are breakfast at 7am, lunch at noon, and dinner at 5pm. Enjoy lunch on Sunday before departing.

Covid safety protocols provided by our retreat host in the FAQs below.

Purchase your workshop, room, and board:

for single-occupancy at $1500
for double-occupancy at $2775

Thursday, September 1

2-8pm Checkin/Registration
*if you will be arriving after 8pm, notify Deborah King Center prior

5-6pm Dining: Dinner

6-8pm Speaker: Introduction with Deborah King

Friday, September 2

6-7am Activity: Yoga w/Michelle D

7-8am Dining: Breakfast

8-11am Speaker: Deborah King

11am-12pm Free time

12-1pm Dining: Lunch

1:30-3:30pm Pool

2-2:30pm Master Grad Speaker: Lynda Richards

2:30-3pm Master Grad Speaker: Jena Caprioli

3-3:30pm Master Grad Speaker: Jill Connors

3:30-4pm Master Grad Speaker: Mari Lucas

4-5pm Break

5-6pm Dining: Dinner

6-8pm Speaker: Deborah King

Saturday, September 3

6-7am Activity: Yoga w/Michelle D

7-8am Dining: Breakfast

8-8:45am Activity: Crystal bowls w/Steve

9am-12pm Speaker: Deborah King

12-1pm Dining: Lunch

1:30-3:30pm Pool time

2-2:30pm Master Grad Speaker: Linda Bronn

2:30-3pm Master Grad Speaker: Mary Murphy

3-3:30pm Master Grad Speaker: Cynthia Stumborg

3:30-4pm Master Grad Speaker: Cathy Gabrielsen

4-5pm Free time

5-6pm Dining: Dinner


Sunday, September 4

6-7am Activity: Yoga & Pranyam w/Linda B

7-8am Dining: Breakfast

8-11am Speaker: Deborah King

11am-12pm Pack up

12-1pm Dining: Lunch

1pm Checkout

Frequently Asked Questions

The workshop portions are hosted outdoors under a pergola. Meals are also taken outside. Lodging is single or double, as you wish. If you have question or concerns, please email us at

Your purchase includes access to the entire 4-day retreat along with meals and lodging.

Transportation to and from the retreat.

  • Proof of a negative PCR test not more than 48 hours prior to arrival on campus
  • Wearing masks is required in indoor public areas

  • Please plan ahead and schedule an appointment for your Covid PCR test.
  • The Sarzotti Park testing site in Ojai offers PCR results the next day or as little as two hours.
  • The Venue will not accept at-home Covid test kit results.
  • Please bring your negative PCR test results for check-in at the Venue.

  • Ojai Covid Testing Site Available M-F at Sarzotti Park. To register, please visit:
  • Many pharmacies and community centers provide access to free COVID-19 tests or simply Google "Covid PCR test near me" to find a local Covid testing site.

Your purchase is fully refundable up to 30 days before the retreat. If you have to cancel after that, your purchase can be used for the next retreat.

The host property assigns your room and you are provided a key upon arrival. Please don’t call the host property as rooms are assigned day of.

Ojai is accessible by car after a flight to one of three regional airports: LAX, Santa Barbara, or Burbank.


Bring several layers of clothing so that you can always be comfortable during the 4-day retreat. Bring your hiking boots and swimming suit, if that sounds appealing. Most importantly, bring an open mind and positive attitude and be prepared to laugh, to cry, and to have an amazing time!

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