Secrets of the Ayurveda: Mystical Wisdom from Ancient India Audio Workshop

Thousands of years ago, powerful seers from ancient India unlocked mystical teachings that have been passed down through the ages.  

Through profound meditation and channeling, they discovered the five elements that are present in every living thing…and appear in sacred combinations in the form of three Doshas.

Vata – A delicate balance between the elements of Air and Space
Pitta – A dynamic balance between the elements of  Fire and Water
Kapha – A grounding balance between the elements of Earth and Water

Each Dosha expresses itself differently in every person and can change in different environments. When they’re unbalanced, you can experience exhaustion, weight gain, trouble concentrating, sleep disruption, and a whole host of other ailments.  

Learning to keep your Doshas in balance can lead to longevity, lasting vitality and energetic healing that can change the direction of your whole life.

In this transformational audio program, recorded live at an exclusive workshop event, you’ll explore these powerful teachings with Master Healer Deborah King, unlock the secrets of the Ayurveda and bring them into your life in a way that works for you.

Workshop Description:

  • Join Deborah for a powerful chakra opening and explore the teachings of the Ayurveda for preventative healing techniques, passed down from ancient India.
  • Learn about the Doshas and how you can tap into these techniques to find balance and healing on a whole new level.
  • Feel the vibrations of profound energy healings and gain a new perspective on ways to stay healthy.
  • Discover how to embrace and celebrate your Dosha as a unique part of who you are.
  • Useful tips on eating, sleeping, exercise, what to wear, and more…


Learn and laugh with Deborah and your Soul Family while raising your awareness of these teachings and how they can change your life.  

While I am usually skeptical about claims of healing abilities, I am convinced that you have a true gift, and what you said about me was not in response to anything I said but was in fact true.

-Alan D, New York, NY

I was very moved and impressed when I actually felt a sensation of warm healing energy when Deborah worked with me. She reminded me of my own healing power within. It was so easy and natural.

-Eliot, Tampa, FL

I am overwhelmed by your generosity of time and healing! During our session you mentioned there is an old childhood memory that is stagnating my second chakra. I really feel an opening and a change occurring. Healing is taking place. You make a difference!

-Susan, Albany, NY

I came to your workshop because a lot of people were recommending and praising it. I found out everyone was right—you are amazing.

-Stem, Zimbabwe

I was extremely touched by your love and healing. I am determined to live my life differently.

-Patricia, Germany

Deborah King