LifeForce Energy Healing® V Master Graduate Certification Course

By becoming a Master Graduate, you will raise your practice to a higher level, strengthen your confidence and technique, and become an even more impactful leader in your community.


Begin putting all of your LifeForce Energy Healing knowledge into practice, with this year-long certification program.


Registration for the 2020-2021 year now being accepted.

Become a Master Graduate Energy Healer

Uncover the techniques and tools you need to discover your higher spiritual abilities, so you can contribute beyond yourself and become a guiding light in the world.

Learn from Master TEACHER Deborah King

As one of Deborah’s beloved students, she will guide you as you take the next step in your spiritual journey: preparing to lead.


Perfect ancient and modern energy healing techniques.

Gain hands-on experience

Together with Deborah and your fellow Master Graduates, you will learn to unlock and share both your own gifts and those of the world.

Become a leader in your community

Walk alongside Master Teacher Deborah King as you continue the process of living your life’s true purpose of sharing your gifts and abilities with others.



Space is limited and students are selected by Deborah King.

Course begins

August 2020

Course ends

August 2021


As a Master Graduate, you will be able to identify challenges and obstacles that your less experienced peers are encountering along their paths. This course will equip you with ways to establish trust and integrity by creating an environment of safety and consideration for those who choose to join you on this amazing journey.


When guiding others on their journey, it’s no surprise that your confidence is directly intertwined with your perceived level of compassion. When you recognize that you are perfect just the way you are, you can move forward and elevate both your practice and that of your students.


By continuing to deepen your relationship with Source, you will learn to recognize and harness your own natural healing and teaching abilities. Share these spiritual gifts to your loved ones and use as you rejoice with your Soul family.


Take back control of your destiny and answer the call of your Spirit from its future on the horizon! Heal traumas of the past that have caused wounds once and for all and attain a higher consciousness that you can share with the world as a Master Graduate Energy Healer.


In a world plagued by hate and confusion, now is the perfect time to bring love and clarity to both your inner Spirit and your community. Thank the connections of your past that have sculpted you into the person you are today, as you continue on the path to transformation and enlightenment.


Take your place as an indespensable member of a global movement in higher consciouness. Say “yes” to becomming a certified LifeForce Energy Master Graduate Healer.

To be considered, candidates are required to have participated in a previous year’s LifeForce Energy Healing IV Program.


I entered the program wishing to continue growing with the group of people I’d come to love and respect very much. I also wanted to be closer to my dear teacher and learn more and more.

I know I made an excellent move because the results of our teamwork are breathtaking.

For me personally, this level has been all about shadow work. Most of the situations that have come up for me in the course of these 6 months have been quite unpleasant and scary to face. And I will rush to add – I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Getting to know myself without any ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’ and subsequently becoming more whole is the most precious thing I could possibly ask and hope for. I am deeply grateful to my dear teacher Deborah and to my dear soul family – thank you.

Nattasha Bogdanova

This program has been an invaluable experience for me. It has brought me to a new level of awareness and consciousness.

Having the opportunity to work on stage with Deborah and help contribute to people’s healing is the most fantastic feeling. I have gained confidence in my own abilities to share my life experience to teach others how to heal themselves.

Getting to know everyone in our group through the teleconferences and small workshops has been like having the family that I never had. Through this group I have a sense of belonging and companionship of people that I can trust.

Through this course I have learned compassion, forgiveness, love, connection, friendship, gratitude and so much more. In a nutshell, it has changed my life from feeling like life is just about survival to loving life and enjoying every minute.

Cathy Blackmun

By being a part of this program, I am able to have a more direct and personal experience with Deborah and my Soul family. [These connections] help me raise my own level of consciousness.

I look forward spending time with all my new friends at the events and workshops —
they have truly expanded my life! I have been challenged by all the assignments and all you are doing to help me heal, so that I can better effect change in all that surrounds me.

Interestingly, just this past week, I was at a dinner gathering with extended family. Thanks to you, I was able to share my views, and also to better understand the views of those present, all much more conservative than my own. I am so much looking forward to even more healing, grounding and higher consciousness while being with you and all my Master-In-Training friends when we gather together at Turks and Caicos in just a few weeks.

With my loving thanks and appreciation,

Ruth McAdams

LifeForce Energy Healing® Master Graduate Tuition includes:

Course vouchers for LifeForce Energy Healing® I

Receive four (4) complimentary vouchers to share with loved ones or clients.

Market yourself as a Master Graduate

To help you build your brand and unique niche as an energy healer, you will be showcased as a Certified LifeForce Energy Healing Master Graduate on Deborah King’s website.

Intimate bi-monthly video calls with Deborah

Here’s your chance to talk to Deborah and ask your personal questions as you join in the training of other students.

Frequent videos calls with your small group

Become friends for life with the people in your small group during your regular meetings.

Exclusive Master Reunions

Join Deborah and your fellow Master Graduates for exclusive Reunions where you will receive advanced level training and celebrate all things energy healing. Locations and dates to be decided.

Opportunities for teaching, coaching, and speaking engagements

Now is your time to shine! As a Master Graduate, you’ll be given opportunities throughout the year to share your knowledge with other students while strengthening your teaching capabilities at live events and video conferences.

Opportunities to be interviewed on Deborah’s live show

Join Deborah on the air during her weekly live show and share your story with the world.

And so much more:

  • Guidance from Deborah and her team on building a successful practice.
  • Client leads from the Deborah King Center database.
  • Direct access to Deborah for answers and support.
  • A beautiful gift personally designed and blessed by Deborah that identifies you as a resource and support for students within the healing community.
  • Opportunities to coach, mentor, and provide constructive feedback to students at other levels in the program.
  • Host licensed Deborah King Center Healing Circles in your community.
  • Act as an Ambassador for the Deborah King Center at events.
  • Embody the spirit of the Deborah King Center and do your part to raise the consciousness of the world.

deborah king energy healingAbout Deborah King

Deborah King is a New York Times best-selling author, meditation teacher, renowned spiritual leader, and the leading authority on energy healing and medicine.

A successful attorney in her 20s, Deborah masked childhood traumas and an abusive family life with drug and alcohol addictions while still managing to succeed in her professional life. All of that changed radically, however, when she was confronted with a cancer diagnosis.

Forced to evaluate her lifestyle, priorities, and unresolved issues from her past, Deborah saw her illness as a wake-up call that inspired huge shifts in her life. First steps included addressing her addictions, learning to meditate, and opening herself to alternative possibilities.

After receiving permission to delay the surgery from her physicians, Deborah worked with practitioners in the energy medicine field, and along with use of tools like meditation and journaling, she experienced a spontaneous remission of the cancer. After her recovery, she realized that doing her best to ignore problems and unresolved emotions all her life had led her to the point of illness, addiction, and turmoil. The experience left Deborah determined to become a meditation teacher and a thought leader and speaker so that she could help others lead healthy, happy and harmonious lives.

Through her subsequent journey of knowledge, Deborah learned more about the ancient Eastern life force energy healing techniques that transformed her life forever. She traveled to every corner of the globe to meet shamans and healers while spending hour after hour in meditation, living among animals and nature.

Deborah now firmly believes that Western cultures need the energy medicine methods of healing, transforming, and growing more than ever. Through her books, workshops, and online events, she’s helped thousands to find their truth and heal, transform their lives, and grow beyond the pain of past traumas just as she once did herself.

Frequently Asked Questions

To be considered, candidates are required to have graduated from LifeForce Energy Healing IV.

To be considered, candidates are required to have graduated from LifeForce Energy Healing IV.

To be considered, candidates are required to have graduated from LifeForce Energy Healing IV.

Deborah King