LifeForce Energy Healing® V Master Graduate Certification Program 2017

There’s so much more we can experience together…

And I want you to continue this powerful exploration of your abilities.

So for a limited time, you can choose to continue your training with my LifeForce Energy Healing V ® Master Graduate Certification Program and stay connected to this important work.

There’s only a few spaces available in this year’s Course. If you loved being a part of this program and you want to become an even more impactful leader in the community… take this powerful next step and stay plugged in to all of my best teachings and guidance.

Year-Long Benefits of LifeForce Energy Healing® V Master Graduate Certification Program:

Tuition to two exclusive Master retreats in 2017.

Join Deborah for two exclusive retreats with your fellow Master Graduates, you’ll spend group time with Deborah, receive advanced level training and celebrate all things energy healing for one full year!

Tuition to live Deborah King Center workshops throughout the year

For all DKC-sponsored events, you’ll receive free tuition to join your soul family and be acknowledged for your commitment to this journey.

Unrestricted life-time access to the entire Deborah King Center Product Library

Gain access to Deborah’s vast library of healing courses and products (including any new products released during your year-long participation in LifeForce Energy Healing® V) You can use this powerful collection of resources to build your own practice and continue to grow your skills as an energy healer.

Teaching, Coaching and Speaking Opportunities at Live Events and Video Conferences

Now’s your time to shine! As a Master Graduate, you’ll have the opportunity to have your voice heard and practice being a teacher of Energy Medicine for one full year.

Opportunities to be Interviewed on Deborah’s Radio Show

Deborah wants you to share your story with the world! We can all learn from each other’s. There are opportunities to be interviewed and share your story on Deborah’s Radio Show.

And so much more:

  • Guidance from Deborah and her team on building a successful practice
  • Client leads from the Deborah King Center database
  • Direct access to Deborah for answers and support
  • Beautiful gifts personally designed and blessed by Deborah that identify you as a resource and support for students within the healing community
  • Opportunities to coach and mentor lower level students through the program
  • Opportunities to review lower level students’ healing session write-ups
  • Host licensed Deborah King Center Healing Circles in your community
  • Act as an Ambassador for the Deborah King Center at events
  • Embody the spirit of the Deborah King Center and do your part to raise the consciousness of the world

Remember that your are powerful. You can achieve great things in your life and in the lives of others, and you can do great things for this world. With every step you take on this journey of discovery, healing and growth … you are becoming who you are meant to be.

~Deborah King

Four (4) Level 1 Tuition Vouchers for LifeForce Energy Healing® I (formerly Level 1)  to introduce family, friends or clients to LifeForce Energy Healing® 

This experience is too valuable not to share with your loved ones, friends or valued colleagues! One of the most effective ways to embrace the power of Masters-in-Training is by including those who matter to you the most along the journey. We want to encourage your growth in the LifeForce Healing Training by making it easier for you to help the people you care about grow alongside you. This is my gift of thanks to you for joining me on this extraordinary adventure.

Be held out to the public as a Master Graduate

To help you along your new path as an energy healer, I want to showcase you as a Certified LifeForce Energy Healing Master Graduate Practitioner on my website. You don’t have to go at this alone … let me help you gain confidence and exposure. Marketing makes all the difference in establishing credibility and trust. You not only gain the tools you need to be an effective practitioner, but you also begin to build your brand and unique niche as an energy healer.


A Worthy Investment

What you learn here will change the direction of your life and the lives of everyone around you.

The secret to the success of this course is the universal message of its teachings and how natural it is to bring them into your everyday life… so you can experience powerful transformation and lasting change that will be a part of you for decades to come.

You may have spent quite a bit of money on a higher education, or perhaps even purchased other online courses, books or products that you didn’t understand or never finished reading. LifeForce Energy Healing® V can bring clarity, balance, abundance and joy to your life in a way you never thought possible.

I’ve taken the best of what I’ve learned over three decades of study and practice with religious leaders, shamans and even mystical beings from other planes… and with great care, distilled it into my LifeForce Energy Healing® Program.

To celebrate this milestone, I’m releasing my Master Graduate Program for the lowest price possible as an investment in the extraordinary future that’s waiting for you.

This online course including the time you spend with me is valued at close to $25,000 (and is truly invaluable, if it unlocks the door to everything you’ve been searching for). And today you will not pay this price!

You’ll have the opportunity to save thousands of dollars when you register today. Continue your journey and become the guiding light you are destined to be.

Now is the Time to Continue on the Path of the Masters

You’ve come a long way in your journey of spiritual growth and transformation. It doesn’t always feel like it at the time, but even challenging experiences, when things seemed darkest, served to bring you to where you are now: a courageous seeker of self-awareness and enlightenment; a force for compassionate healing in this word.

Now it’s time for you to take that next step in learning how to tap into the healing power of LifeForce Energy, and grow into ever higher levels of consciousness and Divine Guidance. The life that you want to lead: a life of purpose, meaning and fulfillment is waiting for you to discover.

The universe wants to support you as much as it needs you to embrace your role as an energy healing practitioner. Allow yourself to be transformed by LifeForce Energy Healing®, and watch a whole new you transform your life and everyone you touch.

Blessings to you,
Deborah King
Founder, LifeForce Energy Healing®

By Application Only

Deborah King