LifeForce Energy Healing® IV Master-in-Training Certification Course

Discover Your Higher Spiritual Abilities, Contribute Beyond Yourself and Become a Guiding Light In The World…Deborah King will Teach You How!

Begin the Process of Living Your Life’s True Purpose-Sharing Your Gifts and Abilities with Others, Walking the Path of the Master Healer and Supporting the Legacy of Energy Healing…

Are you ready to step into greatness?

As one of my beloved students, you must know by now that you are already on the spiritual adventure of a lifetime, and look how far you’ve come!

I’m so proud of everything you’ve accomplished in our time together. I can’t tell you how honored I am to see your gifts blossom right before my eyes.

As you ascend to higher and higher levels of study and practice with me and your fellow students, you must sense the global awakening that’s taking place… You may even wonder what your part to play in this shifting consciousness really is.

The truth I want you to know is that you are ready to lead.

I can sense it right now – I know because you’ve come this far already, and I know because I can see the light radiating from within you and spreading out into the world.

Yet it’s vital to remember that while you can be very successful at sharing your gifts with others around you, it’s easy to miss out on the bigger picture – sharing those gifts with the world.

You hold the keys to your own transformation. Each and every one us contains the ability to do great things for ourselves and for others.

Ask yourself: What could the world become if more of us were to awaken to the truth of LifeForce Energy Healing®?

What happens when we connect with this force, the synergy of a powerful human energy field, in partnership with the Divine Guidance? 

This Masters-in-Training Online Course gives you access to the universal wisdom available to us all. In this amazing program, I will guide you to “pull it all together,” so to speak.

All of your training, all of your experience has lead to this moment.

Masters-in-Training is where our truly spiritual selves are awakened and our higher gifts come shining through.

What you are about to read is the culmination of three decades of study and practice, my legacy to you…

You can’t forget or unlearn the fact that you know your greater spiritual self is beckoning to join the Universal field of all energy. It’s not a matter of if it will happen to you, it’s about choosing when it will happen through you. – Deborah King

There is an awareness building in our collective consciousness, a rising-up of Spirit that’s happening across the unified energy field and our present plane of existence…

…and your commitment to being a force for good in this world is at the center of it all! It’s becoming clearer and clearer that there has never been a more important time in our history to be doing the work that we do.

As more and more people awaken to the gifts and benefits of energy healing, there is a growing need for talented and gifted healers to step up and become leaders — beacons of light to guide those seeking their own truth and purpose.

Through your years of dedicated study and practice, I know that you are ready to step up and play a key role in the global consciousness shift that’s taking place right now.

My belief and dedication to this truth has led me to create a powerful and effective level of training called…

LifeForce Energy Healing® IV


Through deep meditation and calling upon Spirit for guidance, I’ve created an exciting new opportunity to continue your journey.

Masters-in-Training is for my most talented and dedicated students who are ready to step up to the highest pinnacle of the LifeForce Energy Healing® Program.

Namely, you.

In this new program, together we will explore and expand the farthest reaches of your mind as we call upon Spirit to access higher and higher levels of consciousness.

I’ll also provide you with the teachings, coaching and one-on-one support you need to join the ranks of the leaders and teachers the world needs in order to usher in this new awareness.

Another important item – there are only a handful of slots available for this by-invitation only program for this year-long course.  

Give yourself the gift of reconnecting to the source of your energy and spending more personal time with me and a select few in your soul family.

I’m so proud of how far you’ve come, and hope that you’ll join me in taking this next step on your journey to becoming the world leader you’re destined to be.

You have my blessings and my love.

What makes LifeForce Energy Healing® IV Masters-in-Training Unique?

Step into Your Destiny as a Master Energy Healer

One of the things that keeps people from embracing their destiny as healers is second-guessing their abilities to be a light unto others.

My students love this course because they walk away confident in their role as an Energy Healer.

When you learn how to heal yourself, you give off that light in every aspect of your life, cultivating wholeness both within yourself and for the world.


Raise the Vibration of the Entire World

Energy is all about vibration. In Masters-in-Training, you can learn to quickly locate and channel that energy. In a way, we’re kind of like radios of the universe!

When you’re tuned to the frequency of LifeForce Energy Healing®, your best qualities — kindness, compassion, confidence, creativity — what makes you unique to this world contributes to a universal vibration of healing enlightenment.


Supercharge Your Higher Spiritual Abilities

You’ve often heard people say that we’re all born with intuitive gifts. Of course, this is absolutely true. We use them without even knowing it, but think about what you can do with your hidden instincts when you consciously activate them!

LifeForce Energy Healing® IV is one of the most effective ways to ignite your intuitive abilities. With practice you’ll be able to read someone’s energy field and gain insights about who they are just by looking at them.

At first, it’s normal to question insights and intuitive flashes that come to you without you even trying, but as you get comfortable with these skills and techniques, it will start to feel more natural.

The fun part, though, is that you’ll never stopped being surprised at just how much and how quickly you see into people and situations when you supercharge your natural intuitive abilities.


Advanced Level Healing Techniques

Along this portion of our journey, you’re going to learn how to expertly manipulate the LifeForce Energy field using a process you’ll only find in this Masters-in-Training Online Course. It’s time to shed the role of the learner and embrace your destiny as a Master, creating lasting transformation and results for yourself and for others.

  • Heal — In Masters-in-Training, surrendering to the Divine helps you realize that there is nothing to seek out there; everything is within. You are Spirit incarnate.
  • Thrive — Live life more fully in harmony and contribution to the world, with actions that are informed by the truth of your being, an awakened conduit for LifeForce Energy Healing®.
  • Grow  — Learn to calm and clarify your mind, allowing you to enter higher states of consciousness so you can grow into more of who you are meant to be.

When you’re conscious of your higher energy, you find clarity within, truth that fuels a sense of real purpose and faith rewarded. You know you’re acting and being from your Higher Self when you’re calm, confident, creative, courageous, and clear. Create that space for yourself and let that higher voice do what it wants to do … heal this world!

~Deborah King

Year-Long Benefits of LifeForce Energy Healing® IV Masters-in-Training:

Tuition to two exclusive Masters-in-Training retreats in 2017.

Join Deborah for two exclusive retreats with your fellow Masters-in-Training, you’ll spend group time with Deborah, receive advanced level training and celebrate all things energy healing for one full year!

Tuition to live Deborah King Center workshops throughout the year

For all DKC-sponsored events, you’ll receive free tuition to join your soul family and be acknowledged for your commitment to this journey.

Unrestricted life-time access to the entire Deborah King Center Product Library

Gain access to Deborah’s vast library of healing courses and products (including any new products released during your year-long participation in LifeForce Energy Healing® IV) You can use this powerful collection of resources to build your own practice and continue to grow your skills as an energy healer.

Teaching, Coaching and Speaking Opportunities at Live Events and Video Conferences

Now’s your time to shine! As a member of Masters-in-Training, you’ll have the opportunity to have your voice heard and practice being a teacher of Energy Medicine for one full year.

Opportunities to be Interviewed on Deborah’s Radio Show

Deborah wants you to share your story with the world! We can all learn from each other’s. There are opportunities to be interviewed and share your story on Deborah’s Radio Show.

And so much more:

  • Guidance from Deborah and her team on building a successful practice
  • Client leads from the Deborah King Center database
  • Direct access to Deborah for answers and support
  • Beautiful gifts personally designed and blessed by Deborah that identify you as a resource and support for students within the healing community
  • Opportunities to coach and mentor lower level students through the program
  • Opportunities to review lower level students’ healing session write-ups
  • Host licensed Deborah King Center Healing Circles in your community
  • Act as an Ambassador for the Deborah King Center at events
  • Embody the spirit of the Deborah King Center and do your part to raise the consciousness of the world

Everything we do has an energy behind it, just like everything that happens happens for a reason. When you take action from the energy of your Higher Self, you open to the success and fulfillment the universe has in store for us all. Choose to live from a consciousness of love and abundance, and watch success unfold before your eyes.

~Deborah King

Three decades ago, I began a spiritual journey that led me all around the globe and to the highest realms of consciousness and back. I’ve since founded a school of energy medicine, published three bestselling books and share messages of healing, hope and guidance to friends, fans and followers from all walks of life.

Here’s just a few of the many things I’ve been able to accomplish in my life because of LifeForce Energy Healing®:

  • Gave me a stronger connection to my inner guides and initiations to higher levels
  • Taught me how to communicate with animals
  • Taught me how to overcome dark energy
  • Keeps my energy up through 16-hour workdays
  • Allows me to heal faster from illnesses
  • Allowed me stand for hours during workshops and lecture with a broken knee
  • Put my cervical cancer into remission
  • Helped me kick addictions
  • Helped heal my husband of a traumatic brain injury
  • Brought me into contact with spiritual and healing traditions around the world

Remember that your are powerful. You can achieve great things in your life and in the lives of others, and you can do great things for this world. With every step you take on this journey of discovery, healing and growth … you are becoming who you are meant to be.

~Deborah King

Here’s What This Masters-in-Training Online Course Will Do For You:

What’s the most important asset we have as people? Our brains? Our time? Money? The answer: our energy. You can have all the time and money in the world, but if you’re not able to put it to use because you’re tired or worn out, what good does it do you? Energy is what get’s us going. It’s the strength that gives us time for what’s important in our lives: our family, our earning lives, our communities, our spiritual journey. Living from a state of unblocked energy makes all the difference in our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

With LifeForce Energy Healing®, I don’t “find” the energy: it finds me! It’s been years since I’ve felt drained, “down,” or unmotivated to do the things I want to do. You live with a feeling that you have all the time you need to nurture what’s most important to you. I find that what students of mine love most about this course is that it can literally be used for anything!


  1. As a Master you understand the signposts along a fellow-seeker’s journey because you’ve been there. Compassionate leadership allows you to be an effective guide for those who are Mastering their paths.
  2. This Masters-in-Training Online Course prepares you with strategies in developing trust and integrity with your clients. Leadership entails creating an environment of safety and consideration for others who are along this amazing journey with us!


  1. You’re perfect the way you are, with all of your foibles, flaws, and the amazing things about you. Masters-in-Training stabilizes this dynamic energy with resounding effect toward your goals!
  2. Discover how intimately confidence is attached to compassionate effectiveness in your practice. Boost your practice and your results with LifeForce Energy Training!


  1. Continue to access the initiatory energies that await you and deepen your mystical connection with Source.
  2. Access Divine Wisdom and Guidance at will naturally and consistently so you make the best decisions and take the most appropriate actions.

Spiritual Gifts

  1. Learn to recognize and harness your natural intuitive abilities for healing and teaching in everything you do.
  2. Psychic power is real! Tap into the power of cosmic consciousness and learn how to open your mental frequency to flashes of insight, precognition and even out-of-body experiences!

Your Work in the World

  1. FINALLY do what you love to do as a career in energy healing! Get tips and first-hand knowledge on where to begin.
  2. Continue to develop your special skill, whether as a meditator, writer, teacher or healer.

Your Destiny

  1. You have lived your fate up until this very moment … now it’s time to take hold of your destiny! Heal those wounds and traumas of the past once and for all, and answer the beckoning call of your Spirit from its future horizon!
  2. Take your place as an indispensable member of a global movement in higher consciousness. You’re moments away from the most important step on your own journey to becoming a certified LifeForce Energy Healer.

Life Purpose

You know you’re here for a reason. Now is the perfect time to discover what that purpose is! Masters-in-Training helps students gain clarity and vision so you know exactly what you were meant to do. Explore the connections in your past that wove into who you are today and where your path is taking you. This process heals, transforms, and enlightens.

Past Students Are Saying…


I entered the program wishing to continue growing with the group of people I’d come to love and respect very much. I also wanted to be closer to my dear teacher and learn more and more. I know I made an excellent move because the results of our teamwork are breathtaking. For me personally, this level has been all about shadow work. Most of the situations that have come up for me in the course of these 6 months have been quite unpleasant and scary to face. And I will rush to add – I wouldn’t have it any other way. Getting to know myself without any ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’ and subsequently becoming more whole is the most precious thing I could possibly ask and hope for. I am deeply grateful to my dear teacher Deborah and to my dear soul family – Thank you. ~ Nattasha Bogdanova


This Master-In-Training Program has been an invaluable experience for me.  It has brought me to a new level of awareness and consciousness.  Having the opportunity to work on stage with Deborah and help contribute to people’s healing is the most fantastic feeling.  I have gained confidence in my own abilities to share my life experience to teach others how to heal themselves. Getting to know everyone in our group through the teleconferences and small workshops has been like having the family that I never had.  Through this group I have a sense of belonging and companionship of people that I can trust.  Through this course I have learned compassion, forgiveness, love, connection, friendship, gratitude and so much more.  In a nutshell it has changed my life from feeling like life is just about survival to loving life and enjoying every minute. Cathy Blackmun


In becoming part of this Master-In-Training Program, I have been able to continue with all the things that initially drew me to you and your LifeForce Energy Healing Program. I remember hearing you on Hay House Radio, attending my first workshop, saying to myself, “This woman is the real deal”…and so it has been! I have so valued your emphasis on the life-changing mantra-based meditation that I have been practicing since the 1970’s. While I have learned and benefited from many teachers,you have been the one with the gift and experience of “downloading” higher consciousness, through initiations, into the person ready to receive it. And so it has been that you have been able to move me in the direction of my greatest longing, that  of having/knowing “more God”, and for this, Deborah, I am forever grateful. So, by being a part of your Master-In-Training Program, I am able to have more direct, personal experience with you, and also the others in Master-In-Training, those whose consciousness I most resonate with, thereby helping me raise my own level of consciousness. And, as I stated quite a while ago, the workshops and events, all my new friends, have expanded my life, and I look forward to so much. Indeed, this Master-In-Training Program has expanded me in so many other ways! I have been challenged by all the assignments and all you are doing to help me heal, so that I can better effect change in all that surrounds me. Interestingly, just this past week, I was at a dinner gathering with extended family. Thanks to you, I was able to share my views, and also to better understand the views of those present, all much more conservative than my own. I am so much looking forward to even more healing, grounding and higher consciousness while being with you and all my Master-In-Training friends when we gather at Turks and Caicos in just a few weeks… With my loving thanks and appreciation, Ruth McAdams

So here’s your next step – Join My Course:

LifeForce Energy Healing® IV Masters-in-Training

I started this journey over 30 years ago. Like most of the best things in life, you could say that this experience actually found me. It came at a time in my life where I happened to be paying close attention.

When I did, it became clear to me that I’d finally discovered the path I was looking for, and it was an easy leap of spirit for me to dedicate my life to helping others heal and gain clarity on their true purpose.

The decisions that I’ve made … and the decisions that have brought you this far in sharing your spiritual journey with me … have led us to this very moment. When you understand that nothing happens by accident, you also begin to recognize that you’ve arrived at that place in your life like I did so long ago.

You’re ready to take that next step into a higher consciousness of being and true fulfillment in everything you do. This highly advanced program will empower you with all of the knowledge, wisdom, and courage you need to live the life you’ve always wanted to lead.

With the confidence of someone who knows exactly where you’re at — because I’ve been there — I invite you to continue with me on this journey as I guide you through all the most advanced tools and strategies featured in LifeForce Energy Healing® IV Masters-in-Training.

Our thoughts are connected to reality outside ourselves. LifeForce Energy Healing allows you to first create the change within yourself, and then watch in awe as your ideal life blossoms right in front of you.

~Deborah King

Four (4) Level 1 Tuition Vouchers for LifeForce Energy Healing® I (formerly Level 1)  to introduce family, friends or clients to LifeForce Energy Healing® 

This experience is too valuable not to share with your loved ones, friends or valued colleagues! One of the most effective ways to embrace the power of Masters-in-Training is by including those who matter to you the most along the journey. We want to encourage your growth in the LifeForce Healing Training by making it easier for you to help the people you care about grow alongside you. This is my gift of thanks to you for joining me on this extraordinary adventure.

Be held out to the public as a Master-In-Training

To help you along your new path as an energy healer, I want to showcase you as a Certified Energy Healer Practitioner Master-in-Training on my website. You don’t have to go at this alone … let me help you gain confidence and exposure. Marketing makes all the difference in establishing credibility and trust. As a Certified Energy Healer Practitioner Master-in-Training, you not only gain the tools you need to be an effective practitioner, but you also begin to build your brand and unique niche as an energy healer.


A Worthy Investment

What you learn here will change the direction of your life and the lives of everyone around you.

The secret to the success of this course is the universal message of its teachings and how natural it is to bring them into your everyday life… so you can experience powerful transformation and lasting change that will be a part of you for decades to come.

You may have spent quite a bit of money on a higher education, or perhaps even purchased other online courses, books or products that you didn’t understand or never finished reading. LifeForce Energy Healing® IV can bring clarity, balance, abundance and joy to your life in a way you never thought possible.

I’ve taken the best of what I’ve learned over three decades of study and practice with religious leaders, shamans and even mystical beings from other planes… and with great care, distilled it into my LifeForce Energy Healing® Program.

To celebrate this milestone, I’m releasing the my Masters-in-Training Online Course for the lowest price possible as an investment in the extraordinary future that’s waiting for you.

This online course including the time you spend with me is valued at close to $25,000 (and is truly invaluable, if it unlocks the door to everything you’ve been searching for). And today you will not pay this price!

You’ll have the opportunity to save thousands of dollars when you register today. Continue your journey and become the guiding light you are destined to be.

The Deborah King Center Promise

Discover how to Heal, Thrive and Grow with The Deborah King Center’s triple-satisfaction guarantee

Guarantee 1: Quality

We’re dedicated to providing you with a product of the highest quality and detail. Each component of this life-changing program has been painstakingly designed and produced by Deborah and her team. This is the highest quality of Energy Healing training available, and we stand by that guarantee.

Guarantee 2: Transformation

As you embark upon this healing journey, you’ll begin to notice your transformation almost instantly. In the weeks that follow as you move through the program, you’ll begin to notice more and more changes taking place in your life. Our mission and passion are helping you achieve these results, and we’ll do everything we can to support your success.

Guarantee 3: Lasting Change

The teachings included in this course will bring energy to every area of your life as you discover a whole new level of healing and growth. We passionately believe in the power of this course to bring you the lasting change you seek. If for any reason it doesn’t live up to these promises, send us a message and you’ll be refunded 100% of your money up to 30 days from the date of purchase. No questions asked.

Now is the Time to Take The Next Step on Your Energy Healing Journey

You’ve come a long way in your journey of spiritual growth and transformation. It doesn’t always feel like it at the time, but even challenging experiences, when things seemed darkest, served to bring you to where you are now: a courageous seeker of self-awareness and enlightenment; a force for compassionate healing in this word.

Now it’s time for you to take that next step in learning how to tap into the healing power of LifeForce Energy, and grow into ever higher levels of consciousness and Divine Guidance. The life that you want to lead: a life of purpose, meaning and fulfillment is waiting for you to discover.

The universe wants to support you as much as it needs you to embrace your role as an energy healing practitioner. Allow yourself to be transformed by LifeForce Energy Healing®, and watch a whole new you transform your life and everyone you touch.

Blessings to you,
Deborah King
Founder, LifeForce Energy Healing®

By Application Only

Deborah King