Awaken the Healer Within

Did you know that your chakras hold the key to how you feel about yourself and your world?


When they are clear, charged, and in balance, you are free to enjoy:

  • Strong, soul-nourishing relationships with others
  • A glowing, vibrant health of the body, mind and spirit
  • The successful career and financial security that you’ve always dreamed about
  • Access to higher levels of consciousness and the ability to tap into your innate spiritual gifts

In this three-part video series, celebrate all things energy healing as you begin the spiritual adventure of a lifetime with Master Healer Deborah King as your guide.

What you’ll get:
3 Beautiful Video Lessons
1 Downloadable Guided Meditation

Chapter 1: Journey to the 8th Chakra… and Beyond!

In this lesson, Deborah guides you through the process of balancing and activating your seven chakras, and then helps you to activate your 8th chakra – the little-known chakra that connects you to the vast network of everything spiritual.

Chapter 2: Awaken Your Inner Energy Healer

In just a few minutes, Deborah helps you tap into the great unified field — a source of boundless energy. You’ll not only feel energized, but this exercise will heighten your connection to spirit, activate your innate healing abilities and discover the energy healer that’s already within you! The exercise in the video not only helps you to feel great, but it helps you get in touch with your spiritual side. Keep practicing, and you’ll be able to initiate into higher spiritual levels, and develop and enhance your special spiritual gifts.

Chapter 3: Activate Your Hidden Channel to the Divine

In this video and guided audio meditation combo lesson, Deborah shares a truly life-changing discovery revealed to her by her spirit guides. Open up new channels in your own consciousness and be inspired to explore your own spiritual calling. What is your gift? Were you born to be a healer, communicate with spirits in outer realms, or lead others on their own road to higher consciousness?  Are you ready to transform your own life as you learn to heal and transform others? Get ready for an amazing experience – take a deep breath and prepare yourself to go to new heights!

If you’re attracted to this kind of learning, or you’re curious about what chakra work could do for your life…

discover a new opportunity for more healing, more growth and the unconditional love you deserve.

While I am usually skeptical about claims of healing abilities, I am convinced that you have a true gift, and what you said about me was not in response to anything I said but was in fact true.

-Alan D, New York, NY

I was very moved and impressed when I actually felt a sensation of warm healing energy when Deborah worked with me. She reminded me of my own healing power within. It was so easy and natural.

-Eliot, Tampa, FL

I am overwhelmed by your generosity of time and healing! During our session you mentioned there is an old childhood memory that is stagnating my second chakra. I really feel an opening and a change occurring. Healing is taking place. You make a difference!

-Susan, Albany, NY

I came to your workshop because a lot of people were recommending and praising it. I found out everyone was right—you are amazing.

-Stem, Zimbabwe

I was extremely touched by your love and healing. I am determined to live my life differently.

-Patricia, Germany

Deborah King