Change Your World in 20 Minutes!

Meditation is the dissolution of thoughts in eternal awareness or pure consciousness
without objectification, knowing without thinking, merging finitude in infinity.


Would you like to reduce stress, improve your spiritual, emotional, and physical health, and be thinner, smarter, and happier? What if you could add “saving the world” to that list? In just twenty minute, twice a day, meditation will deliver all of these blessings to your door!


I’ve been meditating every single day for over 30 years, and I credit meditation for most of the good things in my life – it even played an important role in my remission from cancer! When I meditate, I connect to the unlimited and unconditional state of being where knowledge, truth, and perfect health reside. When I’m done I’m refreshed, energized and balanced. I’ve turned the clock back physically. I’ve even spread a ripple of higher consciousness to the rest of the world!


How can meditation be so powerful? To the uninitiated, meditation may seem like a way to “check out” and detach from every day noise and distractions. In our crazy busy lives, that’s an appealing thought – but in my journey as an energy healer and spiritual teacher, I have discovered that the real benefits of meditation come when you tune in, not when you check out!


In order to truly tap into the power of meditation, you need to be trained by a live instructor, not a book. My meditation, a cornerstone of my energy healing courses, is based upon ancient Vedic techniques, and involves the use of a personal mantra, which I choose for each individual.


Mantras are seed sounds that were developed by sages and shamans thousands of years ago. These sacred sounds allow you to slip into the spaces between your thoughts, and travel to the unified field – the great beyond from which we all originated, where we are all connected, and where our potential is unlimited!


If you’re ready to get serious about meditation, here are some preliminary things to keep in mind:


1) Commit to meditating once or twice a day, for twenty minutes. It’s best to meditate first thing in the morning (before you check your email, have your coffee, or even leave your bedroom) and, if possible, again in the evening right after work and before dinner. Don’t meditate too late in the evening or it will energize you and disrupt your sleep.


2) Sit comfortably in a supported position. Your back should be upright and relaxed. You might want to keep a blanket over your lower legs.


4) Nix the background music which will keep you from dropping in.


5) Don’t set an alarm, because that will jar you too suddenly out of your meditation – have a clock or watch nearby, and peek at it once in a while.  After only a couple of weeks, your body will automatically learn when it’s time to emerge from your meditative state.


6) Plan ahead to avoid distractions – put a do-not-disturb sign on the door, and turn off your phone, fax and computer.


7) Don’t meditate with a dog or cat in the room! Besides being a distraction, pets will soak up every drop of your meditative energy.


8) Don’t stress if you have “inner chatter” – remember, meditation allows you to slip into the space in between your thoughts. When thoughts arise, just let them flow through without judging them or focusing on them – and return your attention to the mantra I’ve given you. Each repetition of the mantra will take you deeper and deeper into the gap between your thoughts – and with practice you will stay longer and longer!


9) In addition to thoughts, you may experience body sensations, tingling, shaking, or other involuntary movements – don’t be disturbed by them, keep your focus on your mantra.


10) When it’s time to stop meditating, stop repeating your mantra, and continue to sit quietly with your eyes shut for a couple of minutes. Coming out of your meditation too quickly can be jarring, and can even give you a headache.


After a few weeks, your meditation practice will become a habit, and 20 minutes will fly by. It will become something you look forward to each day. Your life may still be crazy busy, but you’ll feel balanced, present and in-control. You’ll sleep better, lose weight more easily, feel less anxiety and more joy, and even be smarter! Plus, you’ll be sending a peaceful energy out into the world, doing your part to help humanity.


This powerful form of meditation can only be learned from a teacher, not a book. Check out my instructional course to learn more about how to do just that without leaving home.


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Deborah King