5 Steps to Get More Energy Today!

5 Steps to Get More Energy Today!

The one commodity we all want is energy: energy to do the things we have to do, like take care of the house, the kids, and the bills, and energy to do the things we love, like sports, shopping, and hobbies. You may have begun complaining you were low energy when you were in your teens or twenties, and that feeling of not enough energy has by now become chronic.

Good news! There are 5 simple steps you can take to reverse the drain on your energy tank, and start filling it every day, rather than continuing to let it be siphoned off.

1. Connect With Others
Nurture your good relationships and end the bad ones. It is important to have close relationships and feel a sense of connection to at least one important person in your life. If you stay in regular contact with people – it doesn’t matter if it is a family member, co-worker, or friend from high school – your energy level will be positively impacted. At the same time, end relationships that are robbing you of energy; disconnect from supposed friends and family that wear you out; life it too short to spend your precious energy on problem people.

If you feel an absence where relationships should be, then I urge you to take steps to fill it. Find a local community group that shares a common interest like gardening or reading; volunteer at a shelter or local campaign office; sign up for dating sites online; be open to opportunities to make new friends and form lasting and meaningful relationships. This connection with others will help you stay energized.

2. Connect With Yourself
Your connection with yourself is just as important as your connection with others. Your own spiritual health is an important component in how much energy you have. If you are connected spiritually to your inner self and higher consciousness, you are far more likely to feel energetic and ready to take on life’s challenges in all of its forms. There are endless ways you can connect with yourself spiritually – whether it’s through meditation, yoga, singing, cooking, pottery, art, prayer, music, sports – the list is endless – so long as you can feel a sense of meaning in life beyond yourself and feel connected to the bigger picture when doing the activity. Take some time every day to engage yourself in something that allows you to step outside your bubble of “me” and loosen the hold of ego. And once you have connected to the deeper, inner parts of yourself, you will find that you will lose your fear of change, which is another drain on your energy.

3. Respect Your Body
While no one is going to be perfectly healthy in every aspect all the time – everyone has some aches and pains at some point or other – you can make a point to protect your health by adopting a healthy lifestyle and choosing to take good care of your body. Do you eat poorly? Do you smoke? Do you drink too much? Do you exercise enough? Do you get enough sleep and fresh air?

You can change your old habits and instill new ones that are healthy and will foster not just better physical health, but increase your energy level. It is said that it only takes 21 days to implant a new habit. In just three short weeks, you can make the positive changes you need to take better care of yourself and your body. Your mind and soul will thank you for it, and you will be connecting not just to yourself, but to all the grace in the universe as well, which is the ultimate source of all energy.

4. The Importance of Touch
Touch is very important to your energy level. Touch keeps the energy flowing and opens up the energetic pathways. Besides touch with an intimate partner, there’s also massage, acupuncture, and other modalities that provide healing touch. The more in-tune your body is with touch, the more in-tune you will be with your overall energy level.

5. Briefly Unplug
When was the last time you gave yourself an hour unplugged? I’m not suggesting there’s anything wrong with being plugged in – I believe that the internet, Facebook and other social sites are a great way to stay connected and, in that respect, are a source of energy. But working an hour or so into your day for meditation, napping, or just hanging out on the porch talking to friends, is a good way to re-energize as it allows your energy field a break from EMFs (electro-magnetic frequencies) that can be fatiguing.

The 21st Century is full of constant drains on our energy levels; life is too short and valuable to feel tired. Try incorporating these five tips into your life starting today and you will be well on your path toward reversing the energy drain and becoming more energized!


LOL, Laughter Therapy is no Joke!

Laughing zebra promotes laughter medicine


You know the old saying, “Laughter is the best medicine”? Well, you may say it in jest, but take note: there is some validity to the phrase, and laughter as medicine is no joke! Perhaps we can all use a dose of laughter therapy to incorporate, as an addition to energy healing, into our daily lives. On top of making us feel happy and positive, laughter triggers physical changes in our bodies. Research and studies show that humor not only helps patients relieve stress and heal, but laughing and smiling may also play a large role in preventing sickness and disease. There is nothing more healing for your energy than laughter. Laughter will increase your benefits from energy healing. This is because there is a clear connection between our minds and our bodies. Laughter therapy is a valuable tool and a part of your process of energy healing that can be very effective in treating our emotional health, which in turn has a trickle down positive effect on our physical health. Laughter as medicine truly is a wonderful remedy for us all to embrace.

Here are some benefits of laughter and why we should consider investing in some good old-fashioned laughter therapy:

  • Laughter therapy is so easy. Anyone can laugh. Anyone can smile. Anyone can feel good and make others feel good.
  • Laughter is contagious. Everyone feels better when they are laughing and a positive mood will envelop you. Your energy healing and the energy healing of everyone around you will feel uplifted. You and everyone in your positive energy field will truly be closer to Lightness.
  • Laughter as medicine functions as an actual natural medicine – seriously! Laughter releases endorphins that can relieve physical pain.
  • Laughter suppresses the levels of epinephrine, the stress hormone, and lowers your blood pressure. Win-win! Less stress and a calmer, happier you!
  • Laughter therapy can also be added to your physical workout! Ever laugh so hard that your stomach hurts? That is because your stomach muscles and diaphragm are working! Try laughing your way into bikini season!
  • Laughter increases your dopamine, the hormone that regulates your mood, enthusiasm and learning, and also triggers pleasure. Who doesn’t want to feel good? Ummm, more please!
  • Laughter relaxes people and makes them more social. What better way to break the ice during an uncomfortable and awkward situation than to get everyone smiling and laughing? You can practice laughter therapy in public without anyone even knowing it…
  • Laughter can be used in the workplace appropriately to improve productivity and morale. Have you ever been on Southwest Airlines and had one of their spectacular flight attendants make you crack up during their takeoff speech? Southwest is just one company that takes their laughter and humor seriously and makes a point of incorporating it into their business corporate model.
  • Laughter as medicine is a good way to diminish depression. If you are laughing a lot, chances are you are also decreasing your stress ten-fold. Less stress will have a huge impact on treating depression. Add to that, the endorphins and happy chemicals you are releasing when you laugh, and you are well on your way to beating and overcoming depression! You will notice faster progression with your energy healing when your mood is already improved.
  • Laughter therapy reminds us that our journey in this world is one to be enjoyed and savored. Life is supposed to be an enriching and elevating experience for us all. Don’t take everything so seriously all the time!
  • Laughter therapy protects your heart. Laughter improves your blood flow and blood vessels, which can help prevent a heart attack.
  • Laughter therapy can improve your relationships. Shared laughter and humor is a powerful tool which keeps relationships fresh and exciting. Sharing humor with a loved one, friend, or even coworker adds playfulness, joy and energy to a relationship. It also can help you stay united through the more trying times.
  • Laughter therapy is free. It doesn’t cost you a cent, but will produce beneficial and positive effects on you and everyone around you. Why not laugh out loud?

So the next time you are faced with one of those moments where you aren’t sure if you want to laugh or cry, choose to laugh! Your body and mind will thank you for it. Find a way to use laughter as medicine everyday. At the very least, you can surely find something to smile about daily – Try this simple exercise and let me know how it goes! And don’t forget to LOL!




The Secret Seven: 7 Tips to Buff up your Chakra System

Energy medicine promotes healing by working within an individual’s personal energetic field and seeing how it interacts with the larger energy field. We can tell what’s happening with someone by checking in on their 7 main chakras, the centers of energy that run from the base of the spine up through the top of the head.

These 7 centers, along with up to 20 smaller chakras, govern our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. In other words, chakras hold the secrets to how you feel about yourself and your world, how you get along with others, the condition of your body, your relationship to money, whether or not weight is a problem, how you make decisions, and your spiritual advancement.

That’s a lot to ask of something most people can’t see. But then again, we can’t see the radioactive particles released from a damaged nuclear reactor either, and yet we take seriously their capability to affect our lives. The energy centered in the chakras has a very profound effect on our lives.

So what can you do to create and maintain healthy and balanced chakras? Here are seven sure-fire simple steps you can take to balance your chakras:

 1.    Connect to Mother Earth: Take a walk in nature.

The first chakra is your Root Chakra and is the very foundation of physical and emotional health. It is your basic connection to Mother Earth- the roots you plant in the soil of your being. This is where your physical strength lies, and the psychological strength to withstand whatever you have to deal with.

A simple walk barefoot on grass or a sandy beach will do wonders to ground you. Hug a tree, go hiking in the wilderness, or visit a local park. You don’t have to live in the countryside or mountains to strengthen this connection with Mother Nature. Grounding yourself will give you the experience of “I am here, and I am safe” and this presence is so essential to your health. Take time out of your day to make sure you make this connection and you will automatically strengthen your Root Chakra.



 2.    Calm your Body and Environment with Water.

The second chakra is the seat of sensuality, sexuality, emotion, and the inner child. It governs how we relate in groups, how we establish inner and outer boundaries, and how we find pleasure. A common problem related to the second chakra is addition. You may be using drugs, alcohol, pills, food, smoking, exercise, or sex as ways to avoid dealing with your emotions, to numb yourself. The physical problems of a poorly functioning second chakra are often the kinds of things that breed shame if the health issues concern their sexuality. One way to heal the shame is to soak for at least 20 minutes in a bath of warm water with one pound each of sea salt and baking soda.  Imagine all your guilt and shame dissolving in the bath water and being washed away as you say:“I speak the truth and reclaim my true nature. I am pure. I am clean.” Water is healing, and immersing yourself in water on a regular basis is a self-nuturing habit.

 3.    Get Moving!

The third chakra is the seat of our self-worth – our self esteem, will power, and personal power. It is the seat of our mental body, where we identify with our ego and our individuality. A strong will means we know what our goals are and have an idea of what we want to do. The power in the third chakra is our right to act, to use our will, to follow through with what we start, to meet challenges head-on, and to not be stopped by fear. You can balance your third chakra through physical movement, especially outside in the sun in the early morning or before sunset. Don’t get too warm if you tend to be angry or short-tempered! Physical movement awakens and recharges your body. You can also try T’ai Chi, Yoga, or Pilates!

 4.    Love a Pet!

The fourth chakra is your heart chakra and it is the center point, where you merge the strength and support of Mother Earth from below with the wisdom and guidance from above that combine to make you a compassionate human being. A poorly functioning fourth chakra can keep you in bondage to emotional attachment. It is through your heart chakra that you can come to feel the presence of unconditional, unlimited love – for your self, for all beings, for the world and beyond. One of the best ways to boost your heart chakra is through giving and receiving love with a pet. Our pets love us unconditionally and make it safe for us to learn to love again. Do you have room in your life to adopt a dog or cat? You can feed your heart chakra and at the same time change this animal’s life forever in a positive way. No room or time to adopt your own? What about visiting your local shelter or even just visiting a friend’s friendly pet and sharing some love with them?

 5.    Express Yourself: Use your Voice.

The fifth chakra is our center of creativity. This chakra is where we express our choices and communicate who we are. Because our use of sound and communication purifies our lower selves and allows us to experience the higher vibrations of spirit, we can tune up our fifth chakra by expressing ourselves more clearly and exploring our creativity. All creativity is a way to communicate what we feel. Use your voice and read out loud your favorite book or poem. Write something yourself and recite it! Sing a song – in the shower, in your car wherever! When your fifth chakra is in balance, you can live your dreams and visions, your greater purpose. Let yourself be who you are and give yourself a voice!

 6.    Visualize and Find your Inner Sight.

The sixth chakra, or “third eye”, is the center of higher intellect. The gifts of the spirit emerge in this chakra, like clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition, and psychokinesis. You can boost this chakra by working to rid yourself of the clutter in your mind so you can “see” more clearly. Daily meditation is a wonderful way to get rid of old beliefs and thought patterns that are holding you back. When you have awakened the sixth chakra, you are in touch with inspiration, insight, wisdom, and vision.

 7.    Invite the Divine!

The seventh chakra, or crown chakra, connects us to spirit, our higher power, and the universe. It lights up our consciousness. When our crown chakra is open, our perception is clearer, broader, and we are allowed to not only see our daily patterns, but also the deep metaphysical patterns of our lives. Like the sixth chakra, meditation is a powerful tool to boosting this chakra. Perhaps prayer or communion with nature will assist you as well. Ask your own higher wisdom for guidance and signs that you are on the right path, and make time for yourself to listen for internal messages regarding purpose and direction. Visualize positive and peaceful outcomes. The truth that emerges will open the door for you to greater levels of connection.

Your chakras are all interconnected. They embrace you as a whole person. As you do the inner work of clearing and releasing past traumas, negativity and outmoded belief systems, you will lighten the load of your chakras. Your energy will move into greater balance, and as a result, you will feel better. So why not take the initiative and seek out ways to better balance your chakras?



Which Healing System Will Work for You?

Recently, the Wall Street Journal reported doctors are tracking a patient’s mood, social life, and lifestyle to better manage their illness. They are trying to define health not just in the degree of mobility a knee or shoulder may offer, but whether the knee or shoulder is limiting their patient in participating in what makes their life full and meaningful. From regular monitoring, the doctors say they will be able to determine how extreme their patient’s treatment should be and what alternative medicine therapies to recommend.

It’s important to understand the mind-body connection as it relates to health. It is becoming more well understood that recurring cases of emotional stress can manifest a real mind-body connection issue that can present themselves in many physical problems—and can even impact someone’s own healing system mechanisms. So we are broadening our view of health and wellness and understanding one healing system is rarely enough.

Praying, meditating, journaling and chakra healing are all forms of healing systems. They allow conventional medical treatments to work more effectively; they allow us to explore the depth of our emotional pain—no matter what it is attributed to—without the fear of losing control and losing ourselves. Use these healing systems and see which one works best for you.

Every ancient culture on Earth, from the Mayan and the Aztec to the East Indian and Chinese, had healing systems that worked. The key is to learn which one will work for you.


The Price We Pay

Have you ever wondered whether small, constant headaches are the price we pay for living in a hyper-charged, over stimulated society? For me, tension headaches were a daily companion as I went through college and law school. I thought they were par for the course and was a little surprised when I found out that others did not routinely suffer from them.

Women are more likely to develop tension headaches than men quite possibly because we are trained from birth to suppress our feelings. Society rewards us for handling career, family, household, and community responsibilities without missing a beat or feeling exhausted.  But for many of us, it can be a burden—feeling so disconnected between our inner emotional struggles and the outward calm we present to the world. When we hide from the truth, we don’t allow our energy to flow freely in our bodies resulting in ill health in the form of tension headaches.

Here are three things that you can do to find relief from the pain because our fast-paced society is not going to change…only we can:

  • Identify when and how you feel when you experience them. Determining if they are primary headaches (such as migraines) or secondary headaches (caused by other illnesses or triggers) will help you treat them.
  • Honestly, assess the rhythm of your day and determine if stress, food or sleep patterns may be triggering your tension headaches.
  • Mix alternative medicine techniques with any conventional medical treatments that you may be receiving. Our clients have received headache relief from journaling, more regular exercise, yoga, meditation, prayer, massage, and balancing their chakras through energy healing.

What’s Your Dosha

What’s Your Dosha?

To get started on a deeper exploration of Ayurveda and the wisdom it holds for your health and well-being, take the following quiz to find out which doshas are most prominent in you.

Instructions: For the 20 statements listed below each dosha, mark from 1 to 3 how accurately the statement fits you.

1 = Doesn’t fit me

2 = Fits me partially or part of the time

3 = Fits me very accurately or most of the time

At the end of each dosha section, tally your total score for that dosha by adding up the individual scores within that dosha. Then when you get to the end of the quiz, compare your scores for the three doshas.


  1. _____  I have a tall, thin or small-boned build; I don’t gain weight very easily.
  2. _____  I have a tendency toward anxiety or worry.
  3. _____  My least favorite kind of weather is cold weather.
  4. _____  I develop gas or become constipated easily.
  5. _____  Left to my own devices, my eating & sleeping habits are often irregular.
  6. _____  My hands and feet tend to be cold.
  7. _____  I typically walk more lightly and quickly than others.
  8. _____  I like to be active; sometimes it’s hard for me to sit still.
  9. _____  My hair tends to be dry.
  10. _____  My tendency is to eat quickly, and I have a delicate digestion.
  11. _____  My sleep is light and interrupted; I may even suffer from insomnia.
  12. _____  I learn things quickly but tend to forget them quickly as well.
  13. _____  I am easily excited.
  14. _____  My moods change quickly.
  15. _____  Decision-making tends to be difficult for me.
  16. _____  My nature is to be enthusiastic and vivacious.
  17. _____  My mind is very active, sometimes restless, but also very imaginative.
  18. _____  My speech pattern is quick and people say that I’m talkative.
  19. _____  I tend to have dry, rough skin, particularly in winter.
  20. _____  My energy comes in bursts and I get worn out easily.

VATA SCORE ___________


  1. _____  I am a perfectionist by nature.
  2. _____  I tend to perform activities with a high level of precision and order.
  3. _____  Hot weather makes me especially uncomfortable or causes me to quickly become fatigued.
  4. _____  I really enjoy cold foods, like ice cream, as well as cold drinks.
  5. _____  When conflicts arise, I tend to become intense, impatient, and irritable.
  6. _____  Skipping or delaying meals makes me very uncomfortable.
  7. _____  Whether I show it or not, I am easily annoyed and quick to anger.
  8. _____  My hair is fine, thin, and reddish or blonde and prematurely gray or balding.
  9. _____  I don’t tolerate spicy foods well.
  10. _____  I tend to be quick to perspire.
  11. _____  I tend to be stubborn.
  12. _____  I am fairly strong and can handle many physical activities.
  13. _____  My bowel movements are regular; I am more likely to have loose stools than constipation.
  14. _____  I am more likely to feel that a room is too hot than too cold.
  15. _____  I thrive on challenges and am determined to achieve my goals.
  16. _____  My hands tend to be warm.
  17. _____  Under stress, I can be quick to anger and am often critical of both myself and others.
  18. _____  My appetite is strong, and I can eat pretty much anything I want to without problem.
  19. _____  I tend to maintain my weight without much effort.
  20. _____  I tend to gather many facts before forming an opinion.

PITTA SCORE ___________


  1. _____  My physique is large and solid.
  2. _____  I sleep deeply and for long periods of time.
  3. _____  I gain weight very easily, sometimes it seems just by looking at food.
  4. _____  Skipping meals is easy and not typically uncomfortable.
  5. _____  I need a full 8 hours of sleep in order to function well the following day.
  6. _____  I am typically groggy in the morning and slow to get my day started.
  7. _____  I frequently suffer from sinus problems, asthma, chronic congestion, excess mucus or phlegm.
  8. _____  I tend to be sensitive and affectionate, sweet and forgiving.
  9. _____  I have smooth, oily, moist skin.
  10. _____  Cold, damp weather affects me adversely.
  11. _____  It’s my nature to be calm and slow to anger.
  12. _____  My weight tends to be above average for my build.
  13. _____  I tend to do things slowly and methodically, in a relaxed and leisurely manner.
  14. _____  I learn slowly but my retention and memory are good.
  15. _____  My general disposition is easy-going—it takes a lot to fluster me or stress me out.
  16. _____  I eat and digest slowly.
  17. _____  I have dark, thick, wavy hair.
  18. _____  My stamina and endurance are strong, and I enjoy a steady energy level.
  19. _____  The gait of my walk is generally slow, steady, and leisurely.
  20. _____  My reaction to conflict is to get lazy or depressed.

KAPHA SCORE ___________



Vata ________                    Pitta ________                   Kapha ________

Understanding your results: If your primary dosha is extremely prominent, with a score as much as twice as high as your second dosha (for example, Vata–55, Pitta–21, Kapha–19), you are a single-dosha type. If no dosha is extremely dominant (for example, Vata–34, Pitta-55, Kapha–29), you are a two-dosha type, with the leading dosha coming first in your body-type name. If all three doshas are nearly equal (for example, Vata–43, Pitta–38, Kapha–46), you are the rare three-dosha type.

Have fun!

To learn more about your Dosha score and Ayurveda, check out my on-demand LifeForce Energy Healing® II Certification Course >>