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This divine feminine course is your opportunity to explore your own inner sacred feminine and divine goddess. Tap into your feminine energy, regardless of gender, and nurture the wisdom of your soul—so you can live a life of beautiful radiance. Learn more>>

Astral Travel holds the keys to healing past traumas, building lasting relationships, breaking through financial blockages, unleashing creativity and achieving your goals. This Online Course will help deepen and broaden your connection to the Astral Realm! Learn more>>

An essential video course for pet owners and animal lovers who want to enhance the health, longevity, and quality of life of their animal companions. Strengthen your bond and improve their life – and your own – through communication and energy healing! Learn more>>

In this amazing 6-part video course, energy healer Deborah King will take you to the heavens to commune with the angels and experience an expanding consciousness and a deepening of your connection to Source. Learn more>>

Recorded at an energy medicine workshop in Ojai, California, this on-demand video series features guided meditations, hands-on healings, and insights on finding the clarity within that will transform your tomorrows. Learn more>>

Journey to the realm of Spirit with Deborah King in this recently released workshop. This powerful video experience will inspire you to remember that this life is a stepping stone in a long soul journey of spiritual discovery.

In this powerful workshop, Deborah will help you reawaken your true vital energy and be one step closer to removing the barriers between you and the inexhaustible source of light available to us all.

Sound therapy has been used for thousands of years. In this sound healing workshop, Deborah will teach you the ancient wisdom behind vibrational balancing techniques and sound therapy treatments. Learn more>>

In this amazing video seminar, you’ll discover how to overcome the traumas of your past, heal your inner child, detach from the energy of victimhood, tap into knowledge from your past lives, embrace life in the face of cancer and disease, and learn the healing power of forgiveness. Learn more>>

In this five-part video series, you’ll see dynamic energy healing at work in this rare collection of footage hand-selected from Deborah’s most popular in-person workshops. Watch as she uses ancient chelation techniques to clear, balance, and charge the personal energy field.

Join Deborah for an audio seminar on the healing power of forgiveness. As she always says, “Before you can learn to forgive others, you must learn to forgive yourself.” End the cycles of self-criticism and self-doubt. Learn more>>

Join Deborah King as she guides you on this important first step to healing the relationship you have with your Self. You’ll learn to peel back the layers of shame, guilt and regret so you can finally let your true self come shining through. Learn more>>

Heal the past, thrive in the present and grow into the very best version of you with LifeForce Energy Healing®. Deborah King will teach you how to unlock your life’s true purpose, realize your limitless potential, supercharge your energy and so much more! Learn more>>

When you join Deborah for LifeForce Energy Healing® II: Apprentice-in-Training, you’ll continue to activate higher levels of consciousness and discover advanced healing techniques as you heal yourself while learning to heal others and the world around you. Learn more>>

Step into your own healing power and take your place as an initiate of the light. Become a practitioner of Energy Medicine with Master Healer, Deborah King! LifeForce Energy Healing® Initiate-in-Training Online Certification Course. Learn more>>

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