Are Limiting Beliefs Blocking Your Abundance?

When someone says “money,” what comes to mind? Do old messages from your childhood pop into your head: “Money is the root of all evil,” “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” “Wait until YOU have to earn the money”?  Whether money talk strikes fear in your heart, pain in your gut, or gives you a splitting headache, few people are immune to some emotional reaction to the green stuff. Those very mixed feelings are part of the reason so many people today are struggling with their financial health. Instead of digging for oil in the back yard to bring in more of that “filthy lucre,” why not dig into your deepest beliefs? You can get to know the real nature of wealth and discover the satisfying give and take of our abundant universe.

In my work as an energy healer and spiritual teacher, I encounter many people who feel they are doing everything right but still not succeeding. Given the fact that money is a reality of our society and everyone needs some to survive, having negative beliefs about it is a serious problem. Look closely at your beliefs about money. Ask yourself how you feel when you think about your finances. Sometimes fear and worry bubble up, even in people who have plenty and are unlikely to run out any time soon. Fear of not having enough comes from being told in childhood that “we can’t afford it,” “we never have any money,” and “we can’t pay our bills.” Hearing these negative messages as a child could make the richest man on earth become a relentless hoarder later in life.

Uncovering these early beliefs is the first step in healing them. You might find that you are afraid of money.  What if it has a harmful effect on you or your family? You might have a conscious or unconscious belief that money is wrong. This might lead you to sabotage any opportunities to increase your wealth or to “lose” or throw away any money that comes to you unexpectedly. You might have the hidden belief that money corrupts and that the low-profile of poverty is safer emotionally and spiritually. Try to identify any emotional patterns that are limiting your relationship to money. Look closely at your feelings about money, understand their roots, and decide if healing these beliefs will help you reach your dream of a successful life.

And what is this successful life you dream of? How would it look and feel? What aspect of this successful picture is it that brings you happiness?  Maybe for you success would be opening a preschool for underprivileged kids or starting a business to employ at-risk youth? Maybe it would be starting a community garden or forming a jazz band with the musicians in your city. Maybe success would be putting your kids through college without debt, adding on to your house to take in an elderly family member, growing the most beautiful petunias on your street, or painting a mural on the community center wall. By focusing on what you would love to do, you create the positive energy that attracts abundance and the possibility to make it real. From my practice of energy healing, I have learned that realizing your dream of success actually has little to do with money and everything to do with energy!

Creating abundance in your life is all about the energy you put out into the world. When you feel good about what you do, you attract positive energy that affects everyone and everything around you. Even if you are working at a job you don’t particularly love, try putting love into your work and see what happens. You are in charge of the attitude you bring to the world. If you are working in customer service, give that cranky customer your best attitude and see if you can convert them to courtesy and compassion.  The energy you put out is the energy you will get back. Put out an abundance of positive energy and see what happens!

Try these Abundance Affirmations for prosperity and peace of mind:

  1. Money flows into my life with ease.
  2. I am wealthy at this very moment.
  3. I have all the money I need and enough to share.
  4. Money comes to me in unexpected ways.
  5. I am financially secure and feel good about my life.

If you want to learn more about using energy healing to improve your finances, find out more about your chakras and how clearing chakras opens the door to more abundance, joy and peace in your life.