3 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Fall Season

Once the Halloween candy disappears from the supermarket, is it safe to go shopping again? Will stems of Brussels sprouts and bunches of spinach tied with festive ribbons now fill the stores to help ease you into healthy holiday mode? Chances are the consumer economy won’t be helping out much with your wellness challenges in the weeks ahead. There are lots of reasons why you may feel that your diet, your fitness, your energy, and your sanity are under attack at year-end. What can you do to keep yourself whole and thriving as you move toward the season of celebration?

While it’s important to guard and cherish your good health in every season, the year-end holidays can add extra strain to your physical and spiritual resources.  Fears and worries can block the healthy flow of energy and set you up for a negative experience. What if there are too many expectations placed upon you—your own or other people’s? What if you allow self-sabotaging and self-destructive behaviors to take over? What if bad memories and feelings from the past intrude? Believing that you have what you need to overcome these fears makes all the difference. As an energy healer and spiritual teacher, I know you have what it takes. Begin by looking within. Get in touch with your body’s wisdom, and position yourself for wellbeing.

You can get out of your head and begin listening to the wisdom of your body by planting your feet on the ground. It sounds like a simple step, but I guarantee it’s a very powerful one. Being grounded connects you with the energy of the earth and helps bring your first chakra into balance. When you are grounded, you will actually be able to feel your emotions and allow them to flow through you, rather than burying them in your body with potentially unhappy consequences. Your legs and feet root you to the earth. Roots, like the roots of a tree, move deeply into the earth for support and connection and bring up nourishment. Your solid foundation of health depends on both support and nourishment from Mother Earth. Learn how to get grounded even when it’s cold outside here.

Another important aspect of staying healthy under any circumstances, is spending time in the here and now—present moment awareness. At year-end when memories of past experience tend to be especially strong, you can support your wellness by staying in the moment. If you’ve lost that loving feeling when it comes to the holidays, wouldn’t it be wonderful to reawaken some joy? What if you used present moment awareness to build a new batch of memories that feel good and enhance your sense of wellbeing? Your body likes to live one moment at a time. You can’t help but feel healthy when you take time to be present. One place that will put you in the present moment is spending time outdoors. Step outside for a break whenever you can. Breathe, look, and listen to the natural world around you. There might be some special sight to catch your eye and your heart—a rosy sunset, a bird silhouetted on a bare branch, a winter flower. You’ll find yourself feeling grounded and present—two excellent recipes for health and wellness.

You can also use these affirmations to keep the vibration of good health resonating in your body:

  • I have perfect health.
  • I give my body love and respect and all the rest it needs.
  • I listen to the messages that come from my body.
  • I get my mind out of the way and allow my body to create optimal health.
  • I do everything I can to help my body maintain perfect health.

Feeling well and keeping the energy of your body flowing freely gives you the platform you need for living your life and enjoying all the good experiences ahead. As the holiday season approaches, your wellness keeps you open to the spiritual fulfillment that celebration is all about. When you celebrate, you are honoring, giving thanks for, loving, and praising the gift of life. Enjoy the blessings of the spirit this season by taking good care of yourself.

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Deborah King