3 Steps to Connect with Your Pet

Have you ever wished that you could talk to your pets and ask them how they are feeling, whether something hurts, or if they need to tell you something? That little dog or cat who follows you everywhere has a powerful energy field just like you do. What if you could tune in to the energy frequency of your beloved animals and connect closely enough to communicate with them? What messages could you discover and what healing miracles could unfold?

You may not yet be aware of the potential healing power of connecting with your animal companion on a deeper level. Just as you provide physical care and security for your pet, your pet does so much for you by loving you unconditionally. The love that you share can provide the basis for making a connection with them and sending them healing energy. Unconditional love is the basic energy of the universe, and its capacity for healing supersedes the physical laws of nature. In my work as a spiritual teacher and energy healer, I often use the term unified field from the world of physics to describe this supreme energy of the universe—but really, this is love.  And that love is the basis for creating a healing energy connection with your pet.

Follow these 3 steps to begin opening yourself to communication with your pet. The intention is to establish a connection that will permit healing energy to flow to them through you. Feel free to practice this exercise on your pets even if they are not sick or injured. The healing touch will only increase the love you have for each other.

  1. Sit quietly with your pet, with nothing competing for your attention like the TV or other people, and say, “I intend to open all of my chakras for the purpose of hearing what my dog [or cat or any animal friend] has to tell me.”
  2. Simply touch your pet all over, listening carefully at the same time. You may hear words or phrases, or you may sense what your pet is feeling and thinking through your hands and your chakras, especially the third and fourth. Your heart chakra is especially good for communicating with them if you’re an animal lover. The love between you and your pet will open the heart chakra and also begin the healing process for you.
  3. Whether or not you’ve figured out exactly what your pet is trying to reveal, you can still “talk” to them with touch. You’ll always want to use a very gentle caress, and be sure to include the palms of your hands as you do so, which include powerful chakras. Keep in mind that animals are more responsive than humans to touch. This is because they are less blocked than we are.

There are two important related points: First, when you pet an animal, it creates a hormone in your body and enhances your nurturing abilities—not only toward them, but also with people. You’ll always want to discipline your pet gently using your voice, not your hands, so as to reinforce your role as their safe protector. Second, just like with a person, when you make a conscious effort to communicate and heal your pet, it automatically heals you, too. As you open your chakras to heal others—of any species—you become healed yourself. That is the beauty of energy medicine.

Your pets live in close proximity to you and share your energy. When you take good care of yourself and nurture your wellness in mind, body and spirit, you also take good care of them, filling your mutual world with healthy, joyful, and balanced energy. Your ability to “talk” to your animal companions and foster their health begins with your own strong connection to the Divine energy that fuels the universe.

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Deborah King