Healers: Go Beyond One’s Body to Heal

Throughout history, a healer has been known as someone who facilities healing in another. From Native American Medicine Men and Women to ancient Shamans, they all offered an amazing talent to heal suffering by tapping into and empowering one’s own healing capacity.

Present-day energy healers contribute the same value. They are naturally gifted and usually called to this area of study by a profound life event. Then many seek further training through Lifeforce energy healing courses, so they can help their friends and family or help thousands find relief from emotional and physical pain.
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The Power to Heal

The power to heal is very real and has been observed by many cultures over thousands of years. Today, it is an exciting field of study allowing people to expand their awareness, to access the powerful invisible life force, and to serve as an energy healer. An energy healer or healing practitioner reminds us that we are not powerless victims, but are fully able to create the lives we want to live.

Some of the greatest well-known healers attract a host of visitors and thousands of help-seekers monthly. They work hard, perfect their skills with exercise, and dedicate their lives to be an energy healer.


What It Takes to Become an Energy Healer


Very different experiences can drive people to learn more about energy healing and decide to become an energy healer. Profound words, keen awareness or a personal healing experience can all contribute.

There can also be differences in one’s goals. Some people, for instance, can be interested in becoming an energy healer as a benefit to their family and friends, while others may want to be a professional energy healer. We suggest that you identify which path is right for you, which skills you would like to learn and which energy healing courses that you would like to pursue. Here are some areas to consider as you make your decision:

  • Acting in the capacity of an energy healer as a professional entails learning a lot more than simply how to practice a healing modality. It involves communicating, defining and maintaining professional boundaries, creating a place to do your work, learning the legalities involved, and more.
  • An energy healer has the ability to see the person as a whole greater than the sum of their parts and beyond their physical body.
  • How an energy healer approaches their job can vary. Most, however, can see the blocks that are causing the problems in the lives of their clients. The blocks can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Through a combination of talking, awareness-building and the use of actual healing techniques, the energy healer heals.


Medicine Men and Shamans

The primary function of medicine men and women is to secure the help of the spirit world for the benefit of the entire community. Sometimes the help they provided would heal disease, heal the psyche, or bring greater harmony between human groups or between humans and nature.

Shamans also serve as intermediaries or messengers between the human world and the spirit worlds. They treat ailments/illness by mending the soul and restoring the physical body of an individual to more balance and wholeness. The restoration of balance results in the elimination of the ailment.

Most shamans have dreams or visions that tell them certain things as a healer. The shaman may have or acquire many spirit guides in the spirit world who are always present within them or only present when they are in a trance. The energy healer, in the form of a shaman, heals within the spiritual dimension by returning ‘lost’ parts of the human soul from wherever they have gone. The shaman also cleanses excess negative energies that can confuse or pollute the soul.

The Importance of the Seven Chakras

With our extensive work in the field of the seven major chakras, we have learned that people have at least a couple of chakras dysfunctional unless they have done a tremendous amount of personal work, meditation or journaling.

Each chakra represents an aspect of higher consciousness that is essential to a person’s life. As a system, the seven chakras integrate a person’s mind, body and spirit; and each has a physical, emotional, creative, and celestial component. At a basic level, a person’s emotional and physical health is directly dependent on well-functioning chakras.


Chakra Balancing

Human EnergyField.jpg
Any distortion in a person’s chakra balancing can sooner or later negatively impact them physically. Likewise, if they make a correction to their chakra balancing, a corresponding change will be present in their body. It’s that simple. Whenever we block an experience because it was unpleasant or emotional, we also block the corresponding positive emotion that we gain by a well-functioning chakra. It may get clogged with stagnant energy and spin irregularly or in the wrong direction.

When our chakras become distorted it usually means we are creating a reality that we believe to be valid, but in actuality is something we have indeed fabricated from our earlier experiences. These lies and the act of being dishonest with ourselves can minimize us and take away our positive energy—the outcome, many times, can lead to diminished health. That’s because we send out a distorted vision of the world and the world gives us exactly what we’re projecting.

The Deborah King Center believes that it is possible to live life more fully—despite the past—by opening ourselves to the powerful energy field where we can affect our own profound healing experiences. For instance, when our heart chakra is closed to minimize pain, we can become a catalyst for a slew of unhealthy relationships as well as heart, breast and lung conditions. And when we detach from who we are and what we feel, our solar plexus chakra can be harmed and we can set ourselves up for painful stomach ailments, gastric reflux, even diabetes. See the Truth Heals Chakra Chart for more.

Recharge Your Chakras

Energy healing is the vehicle that recharges chakras from being clogged with stagnate energy and from spinning irregularly or in the wrong direction. Ideally, your chakras should spin gently and consistently in an energy exchange and be similar in shape and size to one another.

If you are purposely tuning out your internal guidance for fear that it will overwhelm you in terms of changes that might be needed for your wellbeing, consider learning more about Deborah’s chakra balancing. Her weekly radio show and workshops will give you life-changing information.

Chakra Healing: Activate Your Third Eye

All of us have an innate ability to be more trusting of ourselves and follow our intuition—and we can develop this ability through chakra healing. If you’re close-minded and thinking the negative is going to happen, you could benefit from learning how to open up and better activate your third eye otherwise known as your sixth chakra.

When our sixth chakra is in balance, we keep an open mind and seek the truth. We sense the interconnection of humankind and are more willing to look for guidance within ourselves and at our psychic experiences. When our 6th chakra isn’t balanced, however, we struggle with the lack of creativity and feel cut off from our intuition or feel totally unable to trust what we see about ourselves and our surroundings. Eye problems, sinus problems, headaches, or poor memory can also indicate the need for third eye or sixth chakra healing.


Develop Your Innate Capacity

Each of the chakra centers in the human energy system is important because each one allows us to pull from different skills and strengths and live more harmoniously. Through the awakening of our sixth chakra center, we can learn to trust ourselves, and in turn trust in our own humanity on this earth. We are able to move beyond our normal five senses for increased seeing, feeling, and hearing.


Why not allow yourself to develop this innate capacity?

Within this chakra center, we can project images of life and past memories that speak to the depth of who we were and who we have become. Having this skill, through chakra healing, allows us to visualize and actually help influence desired outcomes of upcoming events, which is powerful.

Yes, the energy behind the sixth chakra is indeed very powerful. Nurture it by adding art and nature to your physical space and daily routine. Look for ways to expand your imagination and try to be more creative. By tapping into your dreams and pondering what they mean, you can also align your new sense of self. And finally, approach life with an open mind. Know there are a hundred and one ways to live and be. Try a few alternatives on for size!

Get started on your chakra healing path.

Deborah King