Deborah King is a New York Times best-selling author, renowned spiritual leader, and the world’s leading authority on energy healing.

A successful attorney in her 20s, Deborah masked childhood traumas and an abusive family life with drug and alcohol addictions while still managing to succeed in her professional life. All of that changed radically, however, when she was confronted with a cervical cancer diagnosis.

Forced to evaluate her lifestyle, priorities, and unresolved issues from her past, Deborah saw her illness as a wake-up call that inspired huge shifts in her life. The first was to meet with an energy healer. As a once scientifically minded attorney, she opened herself up to bigger possibilities for the first time.

Unwilling to undergo invasive surgery, Deborah turned to alternative medicine and experienced a miraculous remission at the hands of her healer. After her recovery, she realized that doing her best to ignore problems and unresolved emotions all her life had led her to the point of illness, addiction, and turmoil. The experience left her determined to master healing energy and share it with the world.


Through her subsequent journey of knowledge, Deborah learned more about the ancient Eastern life force energy healing techniques that transformed her life forever. She traveled to every corner of the globe to meet shamans and healers while spending hour after hour in meditation, living among animals and nature.

Deborah now firmly believes that Western cultures need the energy medicine methods of healing, transforming, and growing more than ever. Through her books, workshops, and online events, she’s helped thousands to find their truth and heal, transform their lives, and grow beyond the pain of past traumas just as she once did herself.

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Deborah King