Energy Healing – What You Need To Know

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You may not know it yet, but you already have the power to come into balance, be happy, and thrive, through energy healing, the ancient practice of exploring and aligning with the unbreakable bond that connects all living things.

➜ The Many Different Types Of Energy Healing Therapy

Whether you call it vibration, lifeforce, prana, or simply “source,” we are all made of the same life-giving energy.  Using techniques honed throughout the history of humanity, you can harness this energy for the benefit of mind, body, emotion, and spirit – and for the benefit of others.

The Physics Behind Energy Healing

Have you ever felt like there was more to life than meets the eye?  Maybe you’ve had a gut feeling which led you in the right direction, or perhaps you’ve felt a connection to another person you just couldn’t put into words.  Everyone has experienced moments when life transcends conventional thinking and delivers unexpected rewards.

This is more than just a mystical feeling – it’s also science.  Quantum physics and unified field theory explore the idea that all things are made of, and bound together by, sub-atomic energy particles which vibrate off one another in an unimaginably complex tapestry.  These aren’t just trendy hypotheses – scholars dating back to the earliest civilized cultures observed and learned to manipulate this invisible network of energy.

Much as an athlete training for strength and flexibility can expect better performance on the field, it makes perfect sense that by learning to bring our own energy into alignment with this cosmic framework, our entire being will benefit.  So, whether you are experiencing a specific physical ailment, or simply wish to “re-tune” yourself to harmonize with the life of your dreams, the art of energy healing is the ultimate Rx for wellness.

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The Many Different Types Of Energy Healing Therapy

True healing begins with a deep understanding of the inherent beauty and potential of every living being.  From this basis, an energy healer enters an expanded state of consciousness to employ practical techniques to encourage this potential.

Learn to Meditate with Deborah King & unlock the power of energy healingMeditation.  Learn to quiet the mind – one of the most effective tools to promoting well-being.

Balancing chakras.  Clear long-held blockage of the chakras, the seven energy channels through which all physical, mental, and spiritual health flows.

Psychodynamics.  Understanding how the mind influences emotions and inspires action is an invaluable tool for enjoying life fully.

Preventative health techniques.  Forge a dialogue with the body which allows you to give it the sustenance and support it needs to stop illness before it starts.

Clearing past trauma and resistance.  Release old patterns, pain, and regret which no longer serve you, and feel great today.

Developing intuition (third eye).  Tap into our innate potential to see the unseen, and experience life from a far broader perspective.

Many are drawn to energy healing by an intense personal healing experience, or simply an unshakable curiosity. (

Have you ever seen the potential to be a healer within yourself?

Unlock The Healer Within At The Deborah King Center

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Deborah King is a modern-day shaman whose compelling personal triumph over adversity led her to a calling which has inspired and transformed the lives of millions.  Now, join Deborah on the journey of a lifetime and enroll in a comprehensive 48-week online training course that will teach you to unlock the hidden power of energy healing and share it with others.

In this detailed, practical program, you’ll study meditation, the body, chakras, ritual, and ancient techniques for flowing with the full power of the universe.  You’ll integrate these teachings into your daily life, restoring balance with personal guidance from Deborah, on your way to certification as a LifeForce Energy Healing Practitioner.

Learn more about Energy HealingAnswer the call, and hone your natural ability to connect and heal, making a vital, lasting contribution to your world.

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